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Full Stack Developer

February - May 2020

Remote Work in Los Angeles, CA

HubLink, Inc. is an on-line personal information handler where you can link to all of your web accounts and quickly update your addresses, phone numbers, emails, and payment cards without individually logging into each site.

My Contributions include:

∞ Worked with a small team of developers creating an MVP for an online personal information handler.


∞ Created components which allows administrator and users unique access to account information.


∞ Implemented sorting, routing, joining and mapping components for improved user experience.

∞ Developed Front-end components using React.JS, Bootstrap, and Sweet Alerts 2 for a user-friendly experience used throughout the application.

∞ Provided assistance creating services in .Net with C# to receive incoming arrays of data and convert it to tables that are inserted into a database and stored procedures using SQL Server Management Studio.

∞ Developed API endpoints in .NET to connect complex SQL scripts created to receive user input data from the front-end of HubLink’s web application.

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